Green Works Global Limited, trading as Greenworks,  is an ideas hub, biotechnology research and development centre, and city farming workshop.

Established in 2013 by Christopher McCarthy, co-founder of Battle McCarthy Partnership of Consulting Engineers and Landscape Architects, Greenworks has been dedicated to providing independent designers with the resources and skills to integrate streamlined bio processes into the built environment and transform local management of biotechnology in our cities into affordable, innovative solutions ideal for leasehold properties and community projects.

Engineered Green Infrastructure to Improve Air Quality

Air quality and wellbeing have become regular headline topics of concern, affecting urban and suburban settings across the world. London alone sees nearly 10,000 premature deaths contributed by air pollution which we cannot escape


Long term plans for emission reduction offering little conciliation to the vulnerable inhabitants of the city. It is this which drives us to develop new innovative, economically feasible, and immediately impactful solutions to ridding the air of harmful particulate matter and returning clean, breathable air to the streets, into our homes and offices.

Engineered Green Infrastructure & Building Technology to Provide Fresh Nutrients in our Cities



WELL Building Standards set out a comprehensive checklist covering all key factors affecting wellbeing within the built environment.

It is possible to tend to a number of these factors through the implementation of green infrastructure – by incorporating biological technologies in indoor or outdoor spaces, we may improve multiple health and comfort aspects of inhabitation, in a way that is particularly suited to the selected environment.

Green Works seeks to fully harness the holistic benefits of biological processes in order to provide measurable improvement to occupants with sustainable and natural methods. 

Most bio-technology can be strongly affiliated with benefits to surrounding air quality, as well as a capacity to support urban farming and the production of organic resources. This in-turn will also have a positive impact on many other aspects of wellbeing identified in the WELL Building Standard, including comfort - regarding light, sound and temperature, as well as proven psychological benefits associated with the use of plants.


Our goal is to provide designers, developers with key evidence-based performance data to be able to justify the implementation of innovative new forms of enhanced green infrastructure as an effective means of air quality improvment, as well as providing a host of additional environmental benefits.

We seek to collaborate with pioneering technology experts in order to gather figures which may equip local authorities with the means to approve these newly developed technologies as accepted forms of pollution mitigation for future developments. 

GreenWorks director Christopher McCarthy


We can find benefits to all aspects of internal environmental quality through natural processes.