After 13 years working for ARUP & ARUP Associates Engineers, Architects and Landscape Architects, I founded Battle McCarthy Consulting Engineers and Landscape Architects in response to the 1992 Rio Sustainability Summit. At a time when attitudes of sustainable construction and energy were still in their infancy, I lead Battle McCarthy to the forefront of sympathetic, efficient building engineering and landscape design, where our work regularly received recognition on a global stage.


I have overseen the design and development of a number of integrated and stand-alone filtration systems designed to remove key pollutants at each point of exposure, from streetscape and public realm green infrastructure to room-by-room filtration units which utilise carbon-active material and vegetation in a holistic approach to provide not only clean air but also the additional benefits of plants with regard to psychological wellbeing, botanical knowledge and potential for new sources of food production.

I established Greenworks – a research and development initiative for the design and implementation of innovative biotechnology solutions at a smaller scale, aimed at providing a means for tenants, schools, offices, cafe’s etc to introduce air cleaning and food growing at a ‘do-it-yourself’ level. Greenworks looks to educate those with an interest on ways they may set up their own green systems, and gaining all the benefits in health, environmental quality and emission reduction, whilst adding to the overall green infrastructure network of their local community.

Christopher McCarthy - DIRECTOR